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Marlow White was started by John “Whitey” Biskupovic in 1879, a European immigrant who used to work at shipyards. It all started when the company’s uniforms found its first customers, the Soldiers of the coastal artillery stationed at Fort Pickens and Sailors assigned to naval aviation school at Pensacola, Florida. During World War 2, the company started selling uniforms to troops belonging to all three forces i.e. the Army, Navy and the Airforce, at instalments throughout the country.

In 1968, the company transformed into a telephone based mail-order business for American troops stationed throughout the world. Since then, the company has become an unstoppable force, supplying the Army with quality uniforms made to their satisfaction.

After the year 2000, the company started a campaign which would revolutionize how they did business. With the introduction of an e-commerce enabled website, a well structured telephonic system and a company wide introduction of computer infrastructure, the company sales and customer satisfaction reached new highs and the company continues to grow to date.

Even after expanding into new markets, the company never gave up on its basic principle of delivering “Excellence with Value”, and that has made all the difference.

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